Many sayings speak of silent truths
that the camera captures. “I don't
trust words. I trust photographs.”
— Photographer Gilles Peresse
photography has changed our world.
She helped uncover things that were
once hidden and document important
events that will never be forgotten.
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I conduct individual, couple, family shootings, also with your pets, I will help you to relax and give out all your emotions
about me
I became friends with the camera as a child, when my dad took me for walks in the forest. He made me promise to capture every moment of this life and continue his work. Since then I have not parted with the camera and I capture every moment as he said, most of all I love to capture the moment of emotion, let's catch your emotions together
My shooting takes place in the favorite places of the people I work with, where the best moments of your life took place, it is there, having given memories, you can see these emotions